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Relief Shelter Drive

Relief Shelter Drive is a purely grassroots initiative undertaken by a group of individuals in the US, UK and Pakistan. These young professionals and graduate students are committed to using their networks to channel monetary and in-kind donations of shelter in a timely fashion through carefully selected channels.

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  • In the United States, tax-exempt donations can be made towards Relief Shelter Drive through the registered 501(c)(3) organization Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP).

  • Donations outside of the U.S. can be made directly to the registered organization Education for Human Development (see payment options for more details).

A bird's eye view of what remains of the village of Surul, one of the areas RSD is providing shelter to.
Picture: Courtesy Imran Saithna, RSD Volunteer
More pictures of Surul Valley available here.


To provide shelter to those affected by the earthquake that hit South Asia on October 8, 2005 for the winter months and beyond


  • To ensure shelter is provided to deserving people who have not yet received any form of shelter.

  • To provide a transparent system of distribution of shelter and to provide you online tracking of where and how your contributions are being used.

  • To research creative shelter solutions on the basis of cost-effectiveness, availability of material, ease of assembly, durability, and while ensuring that they are waterproof and shock-proof structures.


Latest Developments!

Amount of funds raised for quake victims $43,135

Report of the work done in Surul Valley by our volunteer, Khurram Husain

View pictures from the field of our volunteers, Imran Saithna and his team, setting up the Bori-shelter homes in the Surul Valley.

These pictures were taken a week ago in ISB - taken by our friend Zaki on account of distribution of relief goods from Austria and school uniform distribution to children of EHD project.(view pictures)


School Uniform Distribution to children EHD Project